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Shri Vivek Yoga Classes in Helsinki

"When our concentration is strong,

we do not seek confidence from outside as we already have it inside."

- Yogui Jivan Vismay -







Yoga is the science that helps us to increase the concentration, awareness, and sensitivity of our body, mind, and the world.

In Shri Vivek Yoga classes we work on the three levels (body - mind - energy) through the practice of asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises), concentration techniques, Om chanting, meditation, and relaxation.

Every class is a space to learn how to take care of yourself, your thoughts/emotions, and others. With the practice we become more aware of what we really need, how we feel, what we are, our conditioning, habits and mental patterns, and how we connect with others and the world.


The body becomes more relaxed, sensitive, and awake. The mind more focused, calm, and resilient. From this state it is easier to start recognizing our need in every moment and living accordingly, with gratitude and acceptance.





Try one yoga class for free! Sign up here.

  • Sundays from 19h to 20h

*yoga classes are online over Zoom


  • 15€ Drop-in

  • 65€ x 5 times card (valid for 2 months)

  • 100€ x 10 times card (valid for 3 months)

  • We accept SmartumPay & EdenRed

Suggestions for the classes

  • Wear comfortable clothes.

  • Better to practice with empty stomach (2h after the last meal).

  • If needed use a blanket for the relaxation.

 - Jesse, Canada -

Prem Jyoti has clearly devoted herself to personal growth through her yoga practice and dedicated herself to helping others by sharing this practice.


It is a style of yoga that is accessible to anyone.  As well as being truly relaxing, her classes can provide real tools to live a happier, more fulfilling,  and

more peaceful life.

I highly recommend trying it.

- Satu, Finland -

For me Shri Vivek Yoga is a perfect combination of getting stronger physically, mentally and even emotionally.

It is a perfect way to reinforce my body, but maybe even more importantly, it enables me to
understand on a daily basis what kind of practices make me feel better.
While the class consist of different parts, it is always emphasized to listen to your own needs. If you feel like doing a demanding exercise, go for it, but for me personally it is often more beneficial to focus on the softer features: 

learning to breath and relax and feel gratitude.
As a rule I feel energized and happy and the impact is long-term; I have
learned to think what is good for me all in all and maybe even, at least
slightly, how to make others feel better too.

- Elena, Finland -

A very close friend of mine recommended me to practice Shri Vivek yoga at a moment of my life when stress at work and anxiety showed up almost daily. The practice, and especially breathing techniques, have helped me minimize these feelings and made me more aware of my life and body.


- Maria, Finland -

I started to love yoga since joining Prem's classes. She has a gift for feeling her students and helping them get closer to their inner selves. Wednesdays classes are my recharging time and they helped me a lot to stay positive and optimistic in the past challenging months.

Either you're considering yoga for its physical benefits, relaxation, emotional distress, improving your posture or breathing, I highly recommend to give a try to Shri Vivek Yoga. 










- Travis, Canada -

"I've been taking online yoga classes with Prem for a couple of months now and they've been a blessing during the pandemic. I look forward to each class as a chance to reset mentally and physically: I've been stressed teaching an algorithms course online for the first time and my university's gym is closed, so I need to stretch and relax after each week."

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