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Yoga for Youth

Strength    Concentration    Clarity     Balance    Resilience    Compasion

We provide schools and other youth oriented organizations with customized yoga (postures, breath-work, meditation, and relaxation) classes/programs in Helsinki, Vantaa, and Espoo areas.

Research shows that practicing yoga makes young people more aware of their need to relax and positively impacts their mental health, resilience, well-being, and academic performance.

Learning physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation builds body awareness, confidence, balance, and strength (a healthy body) as well as the mind-body connection. It improves focus and memory. It helps to feel more balanced emotionally therefore reducing stress and anxiety. Yoga provides the kids/teens with nourishing techniques to take care of their physical and mental health.

Kids and teens feel empowered after regular yoga practice as they carry "a backpack" full of techniques that provides them with flexibility, confidence, resilience, strength, focus, (self) compassion, clarity... and they are able to take that into their experiences, into the world.

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  • Yoga for kids (+6 years old)

  • Yoga for families (kids and parent)

  • Yoga for teens

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