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Rock Balancing

The lack of knowledge about how to treat body, mind, and matter is the cause of stress.
- Swami Vivekananda -

Corporate Yoga Classes

I offer yoga classes for companies in Helsinki and surroundings.

Yoga classes at work is an innovative solution to:


  • increase creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction,

  • enhance concentration and communication,

  • improve the quality of life,

  • prevent and relieve workplace stress,

  • promote employee overall health and well-being.


Whether you are looking for a morning practice,  lunch hour, or an after work practice, I’ll be happy to create a yoga program that is right for your company.

On-site and/or online yoga classes.

Move, breathe, Meditate, and Relax

Shri Vivek Yoga offers a holistic approach to understand stress and its cause. Once we know the cause of stress we can use different techniques to release it, thus to restore the balance and the connection between body and mind.


Shri Vivek Yoga addresses all the pillars in order to identify the cause of the stress and to boost your energy:

  • Physical: taking care of the body

  • Mental: awareness of the mind

  • Emotional: balancing our relationships and communication

  • Material: material world

Corporate Breathwork sessions

How you breathe can significantly improve your stress levels, your mental health, and your overall well-being.

Your breath is connected to your nervous system in many ways. By changing your breathing, you can calm yourself down; relieve stress and anxiety; you can change your emotions; and how you feel.

Learn how to breathe well in order to:

   Handle your own mind, your own emotions, so you can be and do your best for others;

   Calm anxiety, calm stress so you can show up more present, more focused, more emotionally intelligent, and make better decisions.


Corporate Indian Head Massage

Prana Abhyangam Shri Vivek

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 4.12.45 PM.png

The Indian Head Massage based on Prana Abhyangam Shri Vivek techniques balances the energy in the body, restores the natural flow of Prana (vital energy). It is a very deep and meditative massage that helps to balance emotions, release stress and it creates a very relaxing effect on body and mind.

The massage treats the shoulders, neck, head, and face with or without oil. Massaging the marmas (accupoints) refreshes and releases energy, thus  bringing relaxation and serenity of mind.

Testimonials from companies:

We invited Fatima to our office to get us relaxed and reset for the busiest week of our year. She tailored her teachings to meet our (non-flexible) needs and was the perfect peaceful presence. My team all indulged in head and neck massages, allowing us to shed some tension before a tight schedule of meetings and events. We can’t wait to book with her again - just 2 weeks later!

INVENTURE (Helsinki)

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